Why Tourists Should Visit the City of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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What to Expect When Visiting Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is situated in southern Croatia and is a popular and sought-after tourist destination on the Adriatic sea. It has been added to the UNESCO heritage list due to its fortifications and its medieval architecture. It was initially part of the Yugoslav empire.

Why Visit Dubrovnik?

Why not visit the old town with its unique city walls where time has stood still for centuries? The walls are a sight to behold and have stood the test of time while keeping out invaders for centuries. If swimming is a desired pastime, then a visit to Lokrum Island is a must. The lake is a natural water hole with an underground passage to the sea. For those wanting to shop until they drop, a visit to the Lapad region will reveal countless shopping malls containing all sorts of bargains. Why not combine shopping with a trip to the Stradum to promenade along the main thorofare of the old city, also a shopping haven?

Activities in Dubrovnik

There are organized cruises where tourists can visit some of the many islands dotted around the city, and experienced sailors can book their own boats and go where they please. Some notable visitor attractions include Mount Srd, the Zarcovica Animal Shelter, Korcula Island, and Beach Kupari. There are also several tourist beaches, kayaking, and trekking. If you enjoy scenic rides, then the Dubrovnik Cable Car will take the family high into the mountains with panoramic views. There is something for everyone in Dubrovnik, and many companies organize package holidays to the area.